The Mixtaper web applications description

This is my web app, this app was designed for all musical artist who wanted to inform users of their upcoming mixtapes, so with great planning and coding the design to create a user and with that allowing one to create a mixtape on the platform.

This was a learning lesson for me on all levels when it comes to front end and back end development. The time that is needed to put ideas and code together is one that should be mapped out efficiently and the logic behind it should be simple and code reader friendly. This project has opened up my eyes to such syntax and has built me to be more aware of what i am coding and why i am coding it. Welcome to my Mixtaper’s ruby rails web application.

Partials were a very good help with he nav bar
This nav bar is filled with alot of clunky code that i would rather keep tamed.

The partials that kept me feeling clean and less clunky, this came in good hands with the setup of my nav bar while using bootstrap. This was helpful with keeping the code friendly and separated based off of concerns.

THE MODEL: where most of the magic is made.

the model is one of my favorite parts

lets not forget how important the model is in this case, for me the lovely part about the model is the particular rules we have to set up in order to keep the instances undercheck. The prime example that comes to light when one would ask about these rules would be as simple as validations, These are wonderful ways to protect your resources and this was one way that i was able to take advantage. One thing is for certain when we have these forms that require data to be injected into are database we should want to make use of validations the right way, so forms can be properly submitted with the proper data.

the validations in the model are set to make sure when creating a resource those fields are not left empy.

with validations a user cannot create an object without those required fields.


The scope methods at first scared me to sleep, but after waking up i soon began to realize that these methods are very efficient when it comes to grabbing data from are database and the chain-ability with the method makes it that much convenient.

One example of the scope method i used for my project was with he search bar
the search feature in the nav bar is whats making use of the scope method


This part of the rails project was so funny to me because i am such an enthusiast for coding and web development so to do rails .new and see all the folders and created files rails does for me i was in complete shock to see it working. The generators work just as thought of, especially when creating models and needing to have everything created without worrying about all that typing, just use rails g resources.

this command was key when creating my join table.

I can not stress enough how much rails seems like magic but its really doing a lot of back back end stuff to help us as the developers stay focus on the finer things. The helper methods assisted a lot with securing my routes for example one feature i wanted to make sure i added was one that if a user was not logged in then he/she could not have access to the application, so with that i constructed this helper method.

helper methods added to assist with protecting those actions from unwanted users.
defining these methods were key when using those helper methods

This project was very good and informative it made me very confident in back end devlopment, this is a skill i look to master and develop throughout my years as a jr developer.